Time & Experience Ideas


1 Minute Film

I like the idea of non-linear and especially cyclical narratives. I would like to explore the concept of either starting and finishing in the same place, or even having a narrative that makes sense both backwards and forwards.

Cyclical Narratives

To take full advantage of a cyclical narrative I could use a looped video/animation that essentially never ended. Alternatively, if I choose to explore the idea of reversible narratives I could portray this either by having two screens playing next to each other with the video/animation playing in either direction, or I could have a set up where the video/animation plays then when it ends it goes into reverse.

Location 1

Alley outside my house, night time:

The idea here is that the alleyway, to people who don’t know it, may seem sinister or intimidating, but to those living there it is home. I have an idea to subvert the location and the character whereby “appearances can be deceiving”.

I want to use either video or stop frame animation to create a film where you see the dark, intimidating alleyway and a menacing, hooded figure. The figure will then approach the camera creating a sense of foreboding. The camera could then pan around to the exit of the alleyway, looking towards ‘safety’, but the exit would then be blocked by the same figure who once again approaches the camera. When they are really close they reveal themselves as a friend, removing the fear. This could then be inverted, and you could see what difference it makes to know from the beginning that there is the safety of a friend nearby compared to not finding that out until the end.