60 Minute Project 

We’ve been asked to observe and record something for 60minutes. I’ve been thinking about activities I might do for an hour and how they might be recorded.


Sport and exercise is quite important to me as both a way of keeping fit and also as a form of relaxation and stress relief.


I like to cook decent food and I find the process quite therapeutic. I could document the whole experience of preparing a meal and eating it (which may take around about an hour), observing the things I do to cook a meal and the how it effects me.

This could be done in the form of a traditional recipe, using typography to emphasise various aspects of the process and different elements of what I am doing. Another idea is to make the whole thing illustrative, maybe as a sort of illustrated set of instructions or even comic strip. Also i could look into the science behind a meal and document the actual chemical effects of a meal on my body, for example the way carbohydrate is broken down to give me energy, the way my body digests the food etc and document this.


I could look at the last hour of daylight and observe and document the way day becomes night.I could do this as a film, series of photos, stop frame animation with a photo every 30 seconds or a time lapse film. If I did it near a busy road I could also use the change in cars with or with out headlights on as part of the observation.

Alternatively I could do it the other way around and do the first hour of daylight, or even reverse it so that it looks like the first hour but everything would be moving in reverse.