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    CounterCorp is a 3 day film festival held in San Francisco, USA. They show ‘anti-corporate films’, meaning those that examine and analyse corporations’ roles in our lives and the effects that they have on people and cultures around the world.

    Their aim is to promote awareness, encourage critical thought and informed debates about how corporations operate and their effect on ‘humanity’s bottom line’

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    RTMark is a registered corporation that brings together activists to plan projects and publicises them to potential donors who will fund them.

    In 1996 they hacked into the software for SimCopter and inserted images of men kissing. They have also been involved in the http://www.gwbush.com website and other projects such as voteauction, which involved selling votes, and toywar.


    Toywar was a legal battle between eToys.com and etoy for the rights to the domain name etoy.com. The company eToys.com sued etoy for trademark infringements and eToys.com eventually attained a preliminary injuction which shut down etoy’s website. Etoy fought back with a coordinated public relations campaign and eToy’s.com eventually dropped the lawsuit. It has been called ‘the most expensive performance art in history’.

    During this legal struggle, RTMark stepped in to aid etoy. They created a game-esque campaign called ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ which aimed to citically slow down and disrupt the eToys website during their busiest trading period of the year. Eventually eToys relented, their stock had plummeted 40% and it was reported that after the legal struggle with etoy they declared bankruptcy.

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    The Yes Men 

    This is a hoax interview where a ‘Yes Man’ impersonates a spokesman for Dow Chemicals and makes claims that imply the corporations responsibility for the Bhopal tragedy and also highlight the illegalities that The Yes Men believe the corporation have been involved in.

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    The Yes Men 

    The Yes Men impersonate “big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them. Targets are leaders and big corporations who put profits ahead of everything else.”

    They are a group of culture jammers who pose as corporate or government spokesmen and make shocking comments to try and bring peoples attention to what they believe is the real intentions of these organisations. They may extrapolate what they feel is the corporations ideology to the extreme and take them to ludicrous conclusions.

    One of their first pranks was to set up the website http://www.gwbush.com in 2000, a website that pointed out the hypocrisies and contradictions on George W. Bush’s own website for the presidential campaign. When asked about this website in a news conference, George W. Bush replied that he felt they had gone too far and said, “There should be limits to freedom.”

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    Culture Jamming & Advertising Subversion 

    Having started to look at Adbusters many other similar organisations have come to my attention. I am interested to look into who these companies are, why they do what they do and how they do it. There are differences in the way each company approaches the subject, for example Adbusters are best known for their subverted adverts or ‘subverts’ whereas The Yes Men prefer public oratory and performance based work as a means of getting their message across.



    The Yes Men



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    Adbusters are a “global network of artists, writers and cultural dissidents who have joined forces to change the world.”

    There specialism is in the subversion of corporate advertising, using the same advertising language as the company themselves, to satire and comment upon a truth or reality that these corporations may wish to hide.

    This is an example of there subversion of the Absolut Vodka adverts.

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    At university I have been involved in a research project as part of a group. We looked at Food and Drink and the way advertising targeted young people. From this, as a solo project, I have decided to explore advertising and satire.

    One group I will look into is Adbusters. They are a company who subvert the advertising language that large companies use to critique them and explore the true facts behind a corporations adverts.

    My brief is to produce a ‘Pecha Kucha’, or a presentation of 20 slides in 2 minutes.

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