Who Do I Base My Team On?

There are many different types of football club in this country and abroad. I like the idea of keeping it in this country so that it is easier to relate to for those most likely to read it. it is also more personal to me. There is also something that appeals about a team that isn’t a massive club. This may be a team in a lower league or just a smaller club in the big leagues.

Whilst a big club offers the chance to look at the money and riches involved in football and also the large crowds and supporter base, a smaller club is perhaps more believable since smaller clubs are less well known. portraying a fictional club as one of the top teams may be asking people to stretch their imagination too much. A smaller club also allows me to look at the less pretty side of football more convincingly.

That in mind here are some clubs I could look at:

Leeds United – Formerly a big club, so have the infrastructure but now playing at a lower level and so a good blend of both.

Swindon Town – The team I support which gives them a more personal feel for me. They have played at the highest level in the past, but have always been a smallish club.

Queens Park Rangers – A medium sized club with a lot of money. They have rich investors but aren’t at the highest level of football.

Stoke City – Play in the Premier League, but are a small club with limited funds.

These considered, I would like to do Swindon, for personal reasons as well as them reflecting my aims best.