What Makes A Football Match?

Having looked at all things football and some football comics as research, I notice there isn’t much about how football is made possible and how people prepare for a game. Having been involved in this stuff at a Sunday league level I know a bit about the work required and I would like to reflect this in my work. I will concentrate on each characters night/morning before the game to show how these things build up to the football match.


Obviously a football match can’t happen without the players, but I don’t want to focus on the actual match. I would instead like to look at how they prepare for a match (training, relaxing, getting mentally prepared and physically prepared for the game etc). Maybe instead of looking at the full squad I can focus on a couple of key players, a ‘star’ player and the captain.


Managers and coaches do a lot of work to get the right team and tactics for a game. I would like to show the work that goes into squad selection and preparing the team for the game. Added to this is the work Physio’s and Groundsmen do to make sure that the players and pitch are ready for the match


There are lots of different types of fans who go to football matches and I would like to illustrate this. I would also like to explore the routine or ritual involved in these people preparing to go and watch their favourite teams play.


There is a lot of rivalry between clubs which may be a factor in what I produce. However, I would like to avoid this is reality, therefore I will invent a fictional club, club colours and crest in order to steer clear of any actual rivalries and make my graphic novel more accessible. I may, however, base my club on a real club to help give it an air of reality.