Football Comic strips

This is a short comic strip and therefore not concerned with the whole story, but rather an element relating to football. The use of anthropomorphic characters removes some realism and the drawing style isn’t the most detailed, but there are more details in the grass etc.

This Spanish comic focuses on another aspect of football, a fan who seems to be based on a mascot type character. This again removes the need to show great amounts of the actual game which may be harder to represent. Interesting things to look at are the selective palette and the way they have dealt with details like the nets, grass and crowd scenes.

This comic shows the ball movement using movement lines which makes sense as it denotes the pace of the ball and direction of movement which is so hard to portray in graphic novel form otherwise. The little details like clumps of earth being left behind when the ball is kicked or players run is a nice touch as well.


‘Roy of the Rovers’ is one of the most famous football comics in this country. Roy plays for a fictional club which makes the comic more accessible as it avoids any of the club loyalties that can be so fierce in this country. The level of drawing is high, and in these two examples above, you can see the similarities between the older and newer comics. The details of the crowd and the detail in the kit remains similar.