‘Both’ is a book by the illustrators Tom Gauld and Simone Lia. whilst they have slightly different drawing styles they have a similar sense of humour and their work compliments each others.


Their is no real story or narrative running throughout the book, but there is a series of short stories within it, some which crop up on more than one occasion, as well as reoccurring characters and settings. Running throughout the book is the same dry, dark humour which is what ties everything together, rather than a consistent theme or story.

I like the idea of having everything brought together with a sense of humour, and humour is something i would like to try and include in my graphic novel. If I can’t tie everything together successfully with a certain type of humour then using other themes than a single story is quite appealing because it gives a bit more freedom I feel.


Since this book has two different illustrators there are two different styles on show. Simone Lia has a more naive style with more simplistic illustrations and less detail. Her drawings often include no human characters or even non-humanoid characters. Tom Gauld tends to draw in more detail and his work is recognisable by the detailed backgrounds and heavily shaded images.

the simplicity of Lia’s illustrations would obviously make the workload easier, but the point is that her style works with what she is trying to create. If my final theme suited it, then I would certainly consider using a simplifies style. The more detailed style of Gauld is visually impressive and perhaps a bit of a juxtaposition to the simplicity of his storylines. I like this idea as well, juxtapose a drawing style with a story style.