Having looked into a hieroglyph solution to the brief a couple of things have occurred to me.


I like the look of black & white. It gives a very universal, instruction manual feel and removes some of the decisions that may need to made about which colours should be used where. However, the use of colour does give me more variety and more opportunities when designing the individual pictograms. For example, ‘Woman In Black Dress With Blue Person Shoes’ in black and white may present a few problems since colour is a prominent theme in the title. I’m sure I could find a way around this, yet if I was to allow colour, or at least minimal colour the pictogram for ‘blue’, as an example, becomes quite simple. A blue square.


Another interesting idea is whether I should look at individual pictograms for each word in the title or whether I should concentrate more on the overall meaning of the title. An example of this is for the title ‘ Brave Men Run In My Family’. In particular the last two words ‘my family’ could be portrayed by two separate symbols, for ‘my’ and for ‘family’ or combined into one symbol that conveys both. This becomes more interesting when I consider who I aim the designs at. If I wish to make the illustrations universally understandable I may need to combine words into a single picture, since in other languages sentence structure changes, which would alter the way my illustrations were read.


Another question is whether to use text in my illustrations. The point of the idea is to convey the titles in a non-language format, however text contradicts this. I do like the idea of using phonetics just from a purely aesthetic purpose, but if it doesn’t work with my central point maybe I’ll have to leave them out. Another way I could use text would be to have the written title or phonetic words underneath the illustrations, but in multiple languages. I understand then that this wouldn’t be non-lingual, but multilingual which is still quite limiting in terms of how many languages there are in existence.