Hidden Aspects


I will create a book using my photographs and follow the idea of a where’s wally parody, however i also want to look at the hidden effect of things, hidden costs etc, that the everyday person doesn’t hear about or understand.

My project will take on various aspects. Firstly and most obviously as a parody of the Where’s Wally series. The photographs are a very different medium, but the costume speaks for itself in this case. Secondly my project will look at peoples’ desire to blend in or not and how this works or doesn’t work… how when everyone tries to be individual, everyone is the same. This I can explore through the irony of a character best know for blending in being the main focus and also standing out in a crowd. Thirdly I hope to explore the other hidden aspects of our lifestyles that we ignore or don’t understand, for example the costs and prices associated with food production and the ideas of fair trade and equality.