RTMark is a registered corporation that brings together activists to plan projects and publicises them to potential donors who will fund them.

In 1996 they hacked into the software for SimCopter and inserted images of men kissing. They have also been involved in the http://www.gwbush.com website and other projects such as voteauction, which involved selling votes, and toywar.


Toywar was a legal battle between eToys.com and etoy for the rights to the domain name etoy.com. The company eToys.com sued etoy for trademark infringements and eToys.com eventually attained a preliminary injuction which shut down etoy’s website. Etoy fought back with a coordinated public relations campaign and eToy’s.com eventually dropped the lawsuit. It has been called ‘the most expensive performance art in history’.

During this legal struggle, RTMark stepped in to aid etoy. They created a game-esque campaign called ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ which aimed to citically slow down and disrupt the eToys website during their busiest trading period of the year. Eventually eToys relented, their stock had plummeted 40% and it was reported that after the legal struggle with etoy they declared bankruptcy.