What Happened To The Dreams?

The 60’s were a time of change, with an expanding youth culture and many new and potentially revolutionary ideas becoming more prevalent. For example, the hippy ideals of peace and love became very popular in the early 60’s as the children of WWII grew up and began to think for themselves. The consumerist influence of America also began to effect the culture of young people in this country.

The changing culture was emphasised by the music of the period, with bands like The Who trying to establish a voice that represented their contemporaries in songs such as ‘My Generation’.

The 60’s were a time of hope and of new beginnings, but what happened to these ideas? 50 years on and we’re still fighting wars which many argue are unjust and unnecessary, there is intolerance and prejudice in within our societies and the consumerism that sparked the rise of the youth subculture and modern convenience has taken over our lives to the extent where our economy threatens to collapse when this consumerism recedes.

We are moving into a new decade again, can we regain some of the hope that was abundant in the 60’s.