Portrait Project Ideas


I could produce a paper toy character for parents when their children go to university. The toy idea would fit in with the sentiment that most parents would have towards their children. I would use myself as an example, but the idea would be that it could be produced for any one.

I like the general design of the Cubee (above) and may use the same basic shape, however I would want to make more of it. I would package it in a box that worked along the same principles, so, no glue or sellotape to hold it together just the tabs. The key to making it personal is in the details. Things like t-shirt designs will make it unique to one person.

After considering these things I produced this Cubee version of myself.

Cubee colour

The details are the t-shirt design which people who know me will recognise and also the trainers. I’ve also tried to add character in the face with a raised eyebrow, another trait that people may recognise of me.

After this I looked at packaging and as I wanted to avoid using glue I decided to use the same tab and lock system that the Cubee had. This also adds a consistency to the design. I tried a standard box net similar to the one below, but I wanted something a little bit different.

Instead of this, I went for a two part box. I designed an outer shell that would wrap around the Cubee and lock together, and a bottom piece that folded up and around the feet of the Cubee, holding it in place and slotting into the outer shell to complete the box.


With the box graphics, I liked the idea of emphasizing the idea of it being made of paper cubes and so I used nets from the various parts of the Cubee as decoration. The colours also emphasise the fun nature, being bright and colourful and childlike. This idea I tried to carry through the typography as well, with a handwritten font that looks slightly juvenile and is consistent in the logo as well. The logo itself is supposed to reflect what the product is designed for, that’s why i chose the name ‘Miss-u’.

I Then took the principles and designs from the Cubee and it’s box and produced a poster to advertise the product.

Cubee poster

These three sections together made up my final piece for this project.