Hidden Research

Hidden: hid-den – Being out of sight or not readily apparent


Magic Eye images contain an image that can’t be seen normally. It requires focus and an attempt to ‘look through’ the image to reveal a 3D optical illusion of another image.

If you can’t see the above image, step back from your screen. It’s interesting how at close range the subtle alterations in tone and line are undetectable but once you step away and your eyes begin to consider the image as a whole the image becomes clearer.

Below is one I quickly made in photoshop to try out the technique.

I’m pleased with the way it turned out and I really like the idea of something being ‘hidden in plain view’ but I think this is a bit simplistic to present as a final piece. It’s a nice starting point though and something I’d like to continue to work with and develop.


Where’s Wally or Where’s Waldo in America, and it’s spin offs, are puzzle games aimed at children where the task is to find a certain character amongst a large crowd. They may be accompanied by a set of clues to hint at the whereabouts of the character.

These images from Where’s Wally and Where’s Waldo books work on the same principle as wordsearches. The character is disguised by the jumble of other characters who look similar. In a wordsearch the word is disguised by the jumble of letters that could form other words.

The words that you are looking for are not instantly obvious but can be found with patience and logic.Hidden