Hidden Ideas

Initial Ideas

Where’s Wally Parody

I could maybe create a book or series of images that parody the Where’s Wally series. With the help of a friend I would dress as the character ‘Wally’ and put myself in normal situations in everyday life, whilst my friend would photograph the result. These situations could include shopping, eating lunch, walking down the street and maybe a night out. To stick close to the original format I would try to find situations where there are a large number of people around, but perhaps unlike the original my unusual outfit would make me more obvious.

Large ‘Hidden Meaning’ Posters

I would create a series of posters using the techniques I have researched to create hidden messages or images. The ‘hidden message’ could be a clue that leads somewhere or to something like a treasure hunt. Maybe it could lead to a prize or an answer to the messages I have produced.

Extended Ideas

Where’s Wally Parody

From talking with friends I came across the idea of shopping, but that all the products I pick up are red, white or striped red and white like the costume of Where’s Wally. This continues with the tongue in cheek nature of my initial idea.