Today we had a lecture from one of the members of Fuel design agency. I liked some of the work and some of it I wasn’t so keen on, but what struck me most about the talk was how they got started.

Together at art college in London, four friends decided that they didn’t like the briefs that were being set by their lecturers so they set about doing their own work. They produced self initiated work that appealed to them and fitted their way of working and what they wanted to do when they left university. From this they developed a magazine, and eventually formed the design agency.

Recently I’ve been having some problems with my work. Whilst I’ve been enjoying my work so far this year I hit a kind of block, but instead of struggling for ideas I have been struggling for motivation and direction.I have felt that although my work within one brief has had a direction, my work as an overall whole has been disjointed. This talk set me thinking that what I need and would benefit from is a personal target. Something that I can work towards that compliments my way of working and the work I’m doing, but gives me drive as it is also independent and has longevity for me. At the moment I don’t have any desire to stop doing set briefs like the Fuel guys did, but maybe if I had some format to display my work it would help to keep my work relevant to itself as well as the brief.

I’m not sure if I want to do a magazine by myself because to be honest at the moment I can’t be bothered with the hassle of publishing on my meager budget. My other options that I had thought about were a website or exhibitions. Exhibitions would obviously require space I don’t necessarily have and a fully functioning website may require expertise I don’t have. From this I thought about speaking to other students, friends who may be able to help and would like to be involved in this self directed format. This would alleviate the hassle of producing a zine by myself, or may lend me the expertise to be able to run a website. Now all I need are like minded people…

Watch this space…